Aligned with the CMA CGM Group’s environmental strategy, ANL is firmly committed to the reduction of its carbon footprint for the protection of the environment and the preservation of the oceans and marine diversity.

Anticipating future regulations and developing more eco-efficient supply chains with our partners, we as a Group will continue to develop our environmental policy based on the following key areas:

  • Air: Climate change and air quality
  • Ocean: Preservation of the ocean and marine diversity
  • Innovation: To source and establish ecological solutions

To date, our commitment to protecting the environment has been exemplified by a number of innovations and initiatives, including:

Compliance To IMO Low Sulphur Regulation

The International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) new Low Sulphur Regulation that entered force on January 1, 2020 which required all shipping companies to reduce their sulphur emissions by 85%. ANL’s vessels are fully compliant with this regulation.

Delivery of 20 LNG-Powered vessels

Through Containerships, the Group has already taken delivery of the LNG-powered Containerships NORD, Containerships POLAR and Containerships AURORA. These 1,400-TEU vessels thus became the first LNG-powered containerships to join the CMA CGM Group’s fleet.

Decision not to use the Northern Sea Route

The Arctic plays an essential role in regulating ocean currents and global climate patterns. The use of the Northern Sea Route represents a significant danger to the unique natural ecosystems of this part of the world. The CMA CGM Group has made the resolute choice to protect the planets diversity despite the competitive advantage this route represents.

World Premiere Test of Biofuel

In March 2019, the CMA CGM Group announced its partnership with IKEA and the GoodShipping Program to test the use of sustainable marine biofuel which is expected to deliver 80-90% well-to-propeller CO2 reduction, virtually eliminating Sulphur oxide emissions without engine modifications. The landmark test provides the maritime sector a vital demonstration into the scalability, sustainability and technical compliance of the bio-fuel oil.

Commitment to Protect Marine Diversity

In addition to other investments, the Group has also introduced approved ballast water treatment systems which clear the discharged water of any living organisms that may harm marine life, without releasing any chemicals into the sea.

A Common Ambition: Zero-Emission Shipping

The Group’s recent partnership with Energy Observer manages the development of cleaner and more sustainable energies to eliminate CO2 emissions, greenhouse gases and air pollutants. It aims to experiment, test and develop energy solutions based on hydrogen, solar, tidal and wind power.

In 2015, ANL as part of the CMA CGM Group set the goal of reducing emissions by 50% by 2025. Since then, the Group has successfully reduced CO2 emissions per container by 17%, which combined with these initiatives, puts the Group in great stride to achieve our collective goal by 2025.