Climate Control

Controlled atmosphere technologies allow management of the way fruit cargo breathes increasing shelf-life by being able to monitor and control CO2 in addition to humidity, ventilation and temperature. ANL customers have used this technology to support the cartage of apples, avocados, kiwifruit, mangos and blueberries. Climate can be controlled via passive (leveraging cargo respiration) or active (machine-created) systems.

Benefits of Climate Control technology from ANL:

? With no chemical treatment, the integrity of the product and existing organic certification can be maintained.

? Fruit maturation process is controlled, preserving quality and freshness for longer.

? Opportunity to access further, larger markets with extended shelf life while quality of cargo preserved

Passive Climate Control

The technology on board our reefer containers use nitrogen pumps to create an over-pressurisation in just a few hours building a barrier against oxygen infiltration & protecting excessive ripening. Secondarily, these smart containers control gases to the targeted levels by removing excessive CO2 and adding oxygen from external atmosphere if needed.

Active Climate Control

The active climate control solution allows optimal gas level inside the container to be reached much faster than the passive solution ensuring that produce has the best possible storage environment as quickly and as long as possible. Temperature, humidity and balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide are customised and continuously regulated throughout the journey to ensure the best possible results. Contact our team of reefer experts to discuss how climate control can support your business.

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